Complete Film and Television Credits

Noah (2014) (post-production) The Mean Uncle, directed by Darren Aronofsky

Holy Ghost People  (2013) (post-production) Brother Sherman, directed by Mitchell Altieri

Go for Sisters (2013) (post-production) Detective Mueller, directed by John Sayles

Justified (TV Series) – Where's Waldo? (2013) Patrick Massett, directed by Bill Johnson

Gangster Squad(2013) Officer Funston, directed by Ruben Fleischer

Last Call (short) (2013) Lyle, directed by David Zorn

The Good Wife (TV series) – The Art of War (2012) Ryan Hood, directed by Josh Charles

Touch (TV series) – Tessellations (2012) Joey Deluca, directed by Jon Cassar

Luck (TV series) (2011-2012) The Flack, directed by Michael Mann

Criminal Minds (TV series) – Today I Do (2011) Chief Barrows, directed by Ali Selim

Binky (Web series) 2010 Igor, directed by Brien Varady

Public Enemies (2009) Customer at Steuben Club, directed by Michael Mann

Numb3rs (TV series) – Cover Me (2009) Pritchard, directed by Rob Morrow

Frame of Mind (2009) Agent Jenkins, directed by Carl T. Evans

Anamorph (2007) Killer, directed by Henry Miller

Bernard and Doris (2006) Security Guard, directed by Bob Balaban

Back to You and Me (TV movie) (2005) Ed Jenkins,  directed by David S. Cass Sr.

Medium (TV series) – Coded (2005) … Darrell Yellen, direceted by Bill L. Norton

Justice League (Animated TV series) (2005) Charles Buntz / Chucko (voice)

Swimmers (2005) Russell, directed by Doug Sadler

Corn (2004) Horace Rasmussen, directed by Dave Silver

Terminator 3: Redemption (2004) (Video Game) Pilot/SWAT/Techcom Voices

She Hate Me (2004) G. Gordon Liddy, directed by Spike Lee

Plainsong (TV movie) (2004) Mr. Beckman, directed by Richard Pearce

Crossing Jordan (TV series) – Most Likely (2004) Coach Vickers, directed by Joyce Chopra

NYPD Blue (TV series) – Maybe Baby (2003) Rick Rinaldi, directed by Robert J. Doherty

Outside the Law (2002) Kurt Lewis, directed by Jorge Montesi

Highway (2002) Ronnie, direceted by James Cox

ER (TV series) – Never Say Never (2001) Mr. Warshaw, directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá

Riders (2001) Ned Rogers, directed by Doug Sadler

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) Charles Buntz / Chucko (voice)

The Pretender (TV series) – Meltdown (2000) Mr. Job, directed by Krishna Rao 

Batman Beyond (TV series) – The Last Resort (2000) Vincent (voice), directed by Curt Geda

The King of Queens (TV series) – Queasy Rider (1999) Dirk, directed by Rob Schiller

Out of the Cold (1999) Nazi Leader, directed by Aleksandr Buravskiy

In Too Deep (1999) Murphy, directed by Michael Rymer

Batman Beyond (TV series) – Heroes (1999) Kidnapper (voice), directed by Butch Lukic

Life (1999) Billy Bob, directed by Ted Demme

The Thin Red Line (1998) Sgt. Becker,  directed by Terrence Malick

The Pretender (TV series) – A Stand-Up Guy (1998) Joey Melino, directed by Michael Lange

From the Earth to the Moon (TV mini-series) – Mare Tranquilitatis (1998) Flight Director, directed by Frank Marshall

The Con (TV movie) (1998) T.J., directed by Steven Schachter

Sparkler (1997) Flint, directed by Darren Stein

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (TV series) – The Haunted Sonata (1997)  Milos Duncek (voice)

Walker, Texas Ranger (TV series) – Days Past (1997) Benny Flynn, directed by Tony Mordente

The Relic (1997) Spota, directed by Peter Hyams

Brittle Glory (1997) The Robber, directed by Stewart Schill

Superman (TV series) – The Main Man: Part IIPart I (1996) Gnaww (voice)

Crime of the Century (TV movie) (1996) Lt. Gus Kramer, directed by Mark Rydell

Last Dance (1996) Doug, directed by Bruce Beresford

Face of Evil (TV movie) (1996) Quinn Harris, directed by Mary Lambert

New York Undercover(TV series) – Bad Girls (1995) Det. Hubert Flaherty, directed by Peter R. McIntosh

Saved by the Light (TV movie) (1995) T.M., directed by Lewis Teague

Sawbones (TV movie) (1995) Willy Knapp, directed by Catherine Cyran

Tank Girl (1995) Sgt. Small, directed by Rachel Talalay

Men of War (1994) Nolan, directed by Perry Lang

The Glass Shield (1994) Deputy Jack Bono, directed by Charles Burnett

Jericho Fever (TV movie) (1993) Freddie Wakeman, directed by Sandor Stern

Better Off Dead (TV movie) (1993) Del, directed by Neema Barnette

American Heart (1992) Rainey, directed by Martin Bell

Prey of the Chameleon (1992) Resnick, directed by Fleming B. Fuller

Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis (TV movie) (1991) Kinderman, directed by Robert Iscove

Hudson Hawk (1991) Snickers, directed by Michael Lehmann

Die Hard 2 (1990) Garber, directed by Renny Harlin

Casualties of War (1989) Cpl. Thomas E. Clark, directed by Brian De Palma

After School (1988) Nathan, directed by William Olsen

The Beast of War (1988) Kaminski, directed by Kevin Reynolds

Eight Men Out (1988) Charles 'Swede' Risberg, directed by John Sayles

Miami Vice (TV series) – Hell Hath No Fury (1988) Alan Beaks, directed by Virgil W. Vogel

The Untouchables (1987) Officer Preseuski, directed by Brian De Palma

Creepshow 2 (1987) Andy Cavenaugh, Michael Gornick

ABC Afterschool Specials (TV series) – High School Narc (1985) Kevin, directed by Claude Kerven